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Change lives with a career at Services West-Nette

We offer a job in home help services. You can help make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people we serve. Learn more about our clients today.

By joining a social economy business in the domain of home help, you will actively participate in maintaining and improving the quality of life of elderly people or people with a loss of autonomy in your community.

Assistance for these individuals helps ensure that the members of your community stay in their homes as long as possible. In some cases, they contribute to delaying accommodation in CHSLDs and reduce the assistance required by CLSCs while promoting the social integration of the people concerned. They make it possible to maintain the person’s autonomy and ensure their safety. They also help make life easier for caregivers who might otherwise burn out or put their health or safety at risk.

By joining a social economy business that provides home help care, you actively participate in maintaining and improving the quality of life of seniors or people experiencing a loss of autonomy.

Looking for a career in home services that fits your lifestyle?

The advantages of employment as a home care worker with Services West-Nette

  • Flexible hours according to your availability – you can choose your schedule
  • Daytime schedule
  • Paid travel
  • Training offered

At Services West-Nette, we offer flexible full-time and part-time hours with ongoing, accredited, paid training. We are always looking for qualified candidates, so join our team today.

Services West-Nette is only hiring home support workers to work in the neighborhoods that we serve. Visit j’aideadomicile.com to find the EESAD nearest you.

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We are looking for home care workers

We offer a career in housekeeping and home help with a good work-life balance. If you are interested, apply to Services West-Nette today.

Répit-Ressource accroît son expertise et son territoire desservi grâce à la fusion de Services West-Nette. Les populations de l’Ouest-de-l’Île et de l’est de Montréal bénéficient désormais des bons soins de nos équipes fusionnées opérant sous le nom de Répit-Ressource.

Répit-Ressource expands its expertise and service territory with the addition of Services West-Nette. The people of the West Island and east end of Montreal now benefit from the care of our teams, merged under the name Répit-Ressource